Monday, October 26, 2009

Grapes for Weight Loss and Good Health

You often thought about an apple diet but always stayed away from grapes because you never considered the positive or negative aspect of this little fruit. Grapes can be beneficial to health also. Grapes are good sources of nutrients essential for our body and its health benefits are high when compared to many other fruits.

Grapes can be classified into red, blue and white but we associate them as pale green in color. It has plenty of water content and is the most vital ingredient in wine making.

How good are grapes?

• It detoxifies and cleanse the system encouraging weight loss

• It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer

• Grapes are the sources of vitamin A, B, B6 and folate

• It contains a compound called pterostilbene which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

• Minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and selenium are found in grapes

• Copper, manganese and zinc are also present in grapes

• It has fiber and proteins

Grape seeds healthier than the fruit

Grape seeds are powerful antioxidants which blocks premature aging and diseases by controlling free radicals. Some grape seed extracts are known to have 50 times the nutritional value of vitamin E and C. They also have anti viral, anti carcinogenic properties which ensure smooth blood circulation. Grape skins are nutritious too. They destroy cancer cells in the human body.

What’s wrong with grapes?

Grape needs more saliva and digestive juices to make its passage through the human digestive system or it may cause cramps. It has high potassium contents which triggers alkaline balance and stimulates the heart and kidney processes.

Ignoring the minor side effects of grapes and taking advantage of its weight loss benefits and health profits, you must add grapes to your everyday fruit diet. You can pick from any of your favorite colored grapes but eat it regularly and enjoy a new health benefit plan for life.


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