Sunday, October 18, 2009

Green Tea is The Best Drink for Diet

Green tea contains high polyphenols, catechin, Phytochemicals, and caffeine. Polyphenols have antioxidant one hundred times more than vitamin c. Catechin in green tea is useful to prevent the damages of heart and aglomeration blood. Laboratorium research tells that catechin can kill cancer cell without damaging healthy cell.

If we often to drink green tea, we can get some benefits, they're:
1. Can burned fat
2. Can prevent heart disease
3. Can decrease blood pressure
4. Can protect from diabetes disease
5. Can increase immune body

Green tea is good drink for people who want to loss their weight because it contains Phytochemicals. If Phytochemicals are combined with healthy diet and physical exercise can lose body weight. Caffeine in green tea can stimulate brain, change to better mood, and make us wont easy to get stress.

So, you should drink a cup of green tea every day!! But don't drink green tea in a pack because it has been added much sugar and original contents of green tea have been loss when packing process. The better way to consume green tea is by pour boiling water our self.


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