Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gifts You Must Avoid Giving Your Girl

Make your girl feel loved and pampered by buying her gifts. But you need to really think through her likes and dislikes before you go ahead and buy her something. Here is a ready reckoner of what not to buy for your beloved.

These are some of the gifts that you must surely avoid giving your girlfriend.

Clothes of wrong size : Men, it’s time to realize that girls usually (or maybe mostly) lie about their sizes. By doing so, they try to be as close as perfect, at least to you! So avoid buying stuff basis the size that she’s casually told you about as it could turn out to be a disaster. Never buy stuff unless you are sure of her size. We mean, really sure!

Cheap jewelery: Most women don’t like to be gifted inexpensive jewelery. You might spot her picking up stuff from a local flee market, but when it comes to gifting, do not even think of giving jewelery unless you can afford some really precious stuff. Same applies to cheap cosmetics. It will give a very wrong impression about you.

Gym membership: You see your girl incessantly talking about a treadmill, power yoga, spinning and you imagine that giving a gym membership would be the most valued thing you could gift her. Wrong! This will send out a very wrong message to her that you want her to workout more and lose some unpleasant fat.

Pup or a kitten: On the face of it, the idea sounds pretty cute and romantic, but, do not land yourself into trouble unless your girl has asked you for one. It is because once she gets over the initial excitement, she will realize that pets are just not adorable things, they also need a lot of care and time. The pet needs food and walks, poop training, not to forget the occasional vet visits. She might think that it was the worst gift given to her. So your pooch love can wait!

Something that you need: A gift that you are buying for her is not for you. So, do not even dream of giving her tickets for a cricket or football match or passes to a concert with free beer with one of your male buddies.


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