Thursday, October 28, 2010

Practice Swinging to Improve Eyesight

Swinging is very effective in breaking the habit of staring. It also promotes looseness and relaxation in the upper part of the body. According to Dr. Bates, 50 swings performed at bedtime and again on rising will help to prevent or alleviate eyestrain during sleep

Swinging is a method used to loosen up tense muscles in the eyes, spine, shoulders, and neck. Swinging for just five to ten minutes a day can vastly improve your health and eye sight. The process is quite simple too; anyone of any age can do it.

First, stand in front of a window with your back straight and feet shoulder length apart. Next, slowly turn the upper body to the right until you are looking at the wall. Now, turn back the other way, past the window, until you are facing the opposite wall. Repeat the process, swinging back and forth in a steady rhythm for five to ten minutes. Each turn should take two to three seconds.

While you are swinging your eyes are relaxed. Look out the window and allow your eyes to move slowly and naturally with the rest of your body. Don’t try to focus on anything outside the window. Allow the scene to move quickly back and forth in front of you. When you first start this exercise, your eyes will automatically try to focus, years of bad habits. Just continue to relax and allow the images to blur in front of you.

The spine needs to remain straight and the arms should be loose at your side. This exercise can help get the spine back into shape and will improve your posture. There is no need for constant chiropractic care or exercises that require too much discipline. This simple swinging exercise is all the spine needs to stay flexible and in shape.

Practice this swinging exercise in the morning and at night before bed. It will allow you to feel relaxed making it a great way to start and end the day. You will sleep more peacefully at night because you are more relaxed. The eyes should not strain too much during the day because they are learning to relax and move around.

Rotate your body from left to right and back. Eyes, torso and head move together. Turning mostly around your waist. Don't look at anything as you swing; be aware of movement mainly. Let your eyes go, let your consciousness stay in front of you while you turn. Make sure to keep breathing.

Keep your eyes open and allow the image of your surroundings to rush past without trying to focus on anything in particular. Nearby objects will naturally seem to move faster than distant ones, and will probably be no more than a blur. Make no attempt to hold on to or fix any part of the image; notice only that everything seems to be moving in the direction opposite to that of your swing.


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