Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to Deal with Negative People

Negative people can often be very mean and selfish in their remarks. The golden rule is to learn to ignore what they say completely.

- Before they start talking, it’s a good idea to start the conversation on a positive note and avoid topics that even skim the edges of anything negative.

- Do not make the mistake of asking them, ‘So what’s up?’ Chances are that there’s a lot in their case and they are about to unload it all on you.

- Focussing on all the good things in your life is a good way to deal with the negativity heaped by them.

- You are not responsible for the person’s problems in life. Do not make them your own, even though you are an attentive listener. Don’t feel guilty about someone else’s mess-ups.

- If a person is hurt, chances are that he might want to see you hurt too. So, avoid falling for the trap when he or she tries to get a reaction out of you by hurting you anyhow.

- Empathise, but be firm in telling the person that it’s about time that they start being more positive in life. Or subtly put across the name of a self-help book on positivity and recommend it to the person.


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