Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Has No Boundaries

Love has no boundaries and passes over borders, thoughts and imagination. Have you ever imagined that you…hopeless of having a better existence, you that considered love useless and had a bad impression of today's youth…can end up in a relationship with a man 20 years younger than you?

Now you are the one with butterflies in the stomach, you want to admire the sun; you hold his hand and dream of romantic walks in the park.

You feel guilty because he is younger. You are a bit frustrated because you do not know how long this relationship will last and because you are sure that a younger woman will take him away from you.

If love is without limits, it means that everything is possible and he can love you as much as you love him. Maybe he has the same fears: he may think that any time a mature man can impress you, or that he is below your expectations.

You think about gossips. Yes, people gossip. You think about your friends and family. Why? Don't you deserve to be loved? So what if he is younger? Maybe he is the one you need, the chosen one. He makes you feel great with his smile, jokes and surprises.

Why let others step into your life? You can make your own decisions and you are ready to assume responsibilities for your actions. You have the right to be happy, just like anybody else, even if happiness is different in the opinion of others. If other people would care about you, they would not be judgmental. If they knew that this man who is younger than you is the reason of your well-being, they should leave you alone, not judge you and be by your side.

Do not be afraid others gossip and try to do your best to be happy and have a nice existence.


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