Friday, October 30, 2009

Ten great benefits of marriage

Ten great benefits of marriage
Marriage can bring a lot of benefits in spite of each marriage different .But not all people could found benefits. So what these benefits is in deed? The following article may be make you look forward to the marriage ... ...

Marriage can bring a lot of benefits in spite of each marriage different .But not all people could found benefits. So what these benefits is in deed? The following article may be make you look forward to the marriage ... ...
1. Marriage make your life long and healthy
British National Bureau of Statistics announced the authority of evidence suggests that with the divorced, widows or widowers, single people, cohabitants compared to married couples live longer, healthier and old age also take care of family members for more. With married parents living with children are also more health, regardless of their economic background, they accept full-time education for longer time. The report that compare home at the structure of data and health data were found a widower and single mothers of the health status are the worst, they are more susceptible to acute and chronic diseases. A married couple have the best of health status. For example, 40-year-old to 64-year-old married women and single of the same age were compared to a "clearly health advantages."
2. Enhance personal mental health and well-being
Compared to single people, divorced or widowed, married couple will have less depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Marriage improve both the well-being, reduce the divorce rate.
3. People get a sense of belonging
Marriage give people the biggest satisfied which is a sense of belonging.In particular men, they have their own home, the children. And his wife and children can give men more intimate that he feel loneliness in single day.
4. Enjoy the accompany of Happiness
During marriage there is always someone or you listen to your speech or speech, even though your lover may be sometime does not really listening to what you say, but it is better than spoke to himself. When someone talk with you, she might give you suggestions or make you happy. Your lover also provided support, especially when you in trouble it will become even more important. There is a partner around better than single in these time.
5. Enjoy reasonable sex life
After marriage, It is respected for a man with his wife's sex life.They can love each other above board manner without bear the lot of social pressure.
6. Enhance stronger sense of responsibility
A lot of people are only really mature after marriage.While they are single,they always consider themself.After marriage, they need to consider home, planning for the future life, to assume more responsibility than the single.
7. Expand the interpersonal relationship
After they married, your social life will be more offten than the single naturally. You and your partner can play together, visit relatives and friends or take vacation together.For single friends, you do not enjoy fun. In some cases, have a child may reduce the social life, but in fact, Your friends sometimes make you more topics to talk about in your social life with children's participation.
8. Increase wealth
Married couples would consider family life, for family savings and suppress impulsive consumption. And both sides will strive to increase household wealth.
9. Have their own children, enjoy family
In addition to the above benefits of marriage, it is very reasonable custody of my children and enjoy family fun time.This will not only ease the burden on financial of raising children, but also relief the psychological pressure, especially for single-parent families.At the same time,It also has provided a guarantee for children's growth.
10. good for care for the elderly
Studies have shown that marriage can strengthen family cohesion. No matter how the economic conditions of home, married women and men are more willing to take care of their parents.
Now that there are so many benefits of marriage, then your best option is to get married. Of course, every pile of marriage is different, you maybe find that your marriage will give you other advantages, you maybe do not understand your marriage will bring you. Well, give yourelf time to consider, try to write it down, or tell your partner, a marriage will be brought up to share what you......


Medica Corner on October 30, 2009 at 7:57 AM said...

marriage is a must when we grow up to continued this life

Sahara on October 30, 2009 at 4:59 PM said...

I've noticed that sincere married people are stronger people. They are emotionally and mentally more stable, it seems. Maybe the factor of having someone so close by to lean on?

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